Build From-Don’t Attack

We’ve started in on making Peter’s Principles, talking to people who worked alongside Peter Lougheed, and gaining support for the project.

And last week, Don Hill and I learned about the secret sauce that launched a political dynasty in Alberta.

Listen to our Podcast here:

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4 thoughts on “Build From-Don’t Attack

  1. Thank you, Donna. I really needed to hear this particular message today. Timing 🙂
    I will move toward my weekend with your message at the forefront of my thoughts.
    I hope for you and yours a wonderful and relaxing rest of the week!

    1. That’s wonderful. Timing matters. Let us know if the idea and message helped out!

  2. Peter Lougheed is my hero!
    When he became our Premier in 1971 I wrote a passionate letter to him.
    Our daughter, Karen, had been on the wait list at Alberta School Hospital in Red Deer for three years and there seemed to be no end in sight.
    Peter responded by taking action.
    Within a few weeks she was admitted, the user fee was eliminated and the Sexual Sterilization Act was repealed.
    Karen lived at ASH, which later became Michener Centre, for five years, moved to the old Bakrer Centre: Services for the Handicapped in Calgary where she lived for ten years then moved into her wonderful PUBLIC group home at Scenic Bow Place on the north bank of the Boe River across from Bowness Park in 1987.
    I played a key roll in creating that beautiful residential complex and am thoroughly disgusted with the existing government policy that results in privatisation of that public service. It is why I am promoting my policy resolution to Strengthem our Canada Act so that it will give us universal access to long-term care and home care for people OF ALL AGES.

    1. What an amazing story Dawna. Thank you for sharing! He listened. He acted.

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