Sick of living in an either/or world?

Tired of people taking rigid, either/or positions — done with being manipulated to take sides, neither of which reflect the way you think? 

Tired of being imposed upon, spoken for, co-opted, assumed and represented — as if you’re a helpless victim in need of protection? 

We are too! And we’re pushing back. We want to open the space for thinking & acting beyond polarity. A beyond polarity agora. 

How can you think & act ‘beyond polarity’?  

For over a year, we’ve been experimenting; we’ve figured out a formula that works. We think Hegel would approve.

We’re independent thinkers who share a love for Alberta. We come from backgrounds & ways of thinking that many would label as ‘polarized’. Male vs. female. Media & arts vs. commerce. Left vs. right. Rural vs. urban. Progressive vs. conservative.

We decide on an issue that matters in Alberta, develop a thesis; propose an anti-thesis; and respectfully duke it out (verbal punches only!) until we land on a synthesis. The results are shared with you on this blog site as consensus opinions. 

And in case you’re wondering, this digital space isn’t funded by any organization. We accept contributions to specific projects—the Lougheed interview series, for example—but we shill for no one. 

We adore Alberta.

This is our home. We aspire to make this digital platform a national voice for Albertans. 

We invite you to join us!

Donna Kennedy-Glans

serious fawna
Fawna Bews
Don Hill