It seems like I’ve been talking about beyond polarity for decades.

Beyond polarity in climate change, in politics, in relationships between genders and cultures…. So, I decided that I’d start bringing together these ideas, in one place. And, invite others to comment and share ideas about how to move beyond polarity in the way we think & live.

Fawna Bews, also of Alberta, is the editing wizard for this blog site. Both of us would be delighted if you had ideas about positive dignity that you wanted to explore.  And if you prefer to share ideas via photos and images, share on Instagram with a hashtag #Dignity or #beyondpolarity, poke us on Instagram at dkennedyglans and we will do our best to get your ideas reposted on this site.

Thanks for joining us on this quest!

Donna Kennedy-Glans

Calgary, Alberta, Canada