Sick of living in an either-or world?

We are tired of people taking rigid, either-or positions. We are done with being manipulated.

We are angry at being put in a victim position, imposed upon, spoken for, and assumed.

We are ready to push back at polarized thinking. We are ready to move away from polarized acting. 

This blog is the beginning of that movement. 

Polarized thinking has been around for a long time. It’s not always bad.  There are times when taking a clear side is wise. But, when we are being seduced to pick one side, when our need to belong is being capitalized on, causing needless suffering, it’s a problem. 

This blog space is dedicated to bringing awareness to the exploitation of our natural tendencies to either-or thinking. And, the human implications.  Unrelenting contradictory choices keeps us in conflict, wildly swinging to and fro. Certainly, not moving forward.

We’re committed to sharing ideas on how to recognize polarized thinking. And, we offer  next steps to rising above or filling in that centre–finding answers that are constructive. 

Join us. Share your experiences with polarity, and how you stepped into the debate.

We are independent voices. We’re not remunerated by anyone or any organization.  Our agenda is to express freely and listen deeply.

Thanks for joining us on this quest!

Donna Kennedy-Glans and Fawna Bews,

Alberta, Canada



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