Free Trade at the periphery.

FREE TRADE IS A BIG DEAL in southwestern Ontario. I’m visiting relatives here. Donald Trump just declared NAFTA as good as dead. Pointing to a new deal with Mexico, the American president set a deadline for Canada to come to terms. Friday. The end of the month.
More Free Trade at the periphery.

Details, details, details…

It’s smart to pay attention to what’s in front of you, but have you noticed what’s happening along the periphery of your vision?
Come, join me in this learning journey in southern Alberta! … More Details, details, details…

Peter’s Principles: PRAGMATIC DREAMS

Peter’s Principles. What guided the leadership of Premier Peter Lougheed? We’re talking to people who worked alongside Lougheed to find out. Here’s an excerpt from a conversation with Brent Harding, a civil servant in Lougheed’s 1st government in 1971. … More Peter’s Principles: PRAGMATIC DREAMS