A strongman or Tom Hanks?

THE LEAD ACTORS on Alberta’s political stage have been typecast. It’s kind of like watching the summer movie trailers for coming attractions. Two different film franchises. Two different actors in a starring role. … More A strongman or Tom Hanks?

Too much democracy?

In a global environment where democracy seems to be withering, and information constrained by either/or narratives, how can Albertans make an informed decision about who or what to vote for? … More Too much democracy?

The business of anti-racism…

Alberta’s NDP government has launched an anti-racism campaign. Did they miss an extraordinary opportunity to take a negative and turn it into a positive? … More The business of anti-racism…

Peter’s Principles: LOYALTY

What are the leadership qualities that made Premier Peter Lougheed such a recognized leader in Alberta? One quality – his approach to loyalty. Listen up to our short podcast to learn more! … More Peter’s Principles: LOYALTY

Circle the Wagons

She lives in Calgary and he lives in a bubble.
I’m ticked that national media still hasn’t listened to what Rose Knight is drawing our attention to about our prime minister.
More Circle the Wagons

Buckin’ the sales tax bronco!

A Calgary Stampede dare for all you partisan politicians in Alberta! How bout you rustle up a sales tax for this province? Pronto! … More Buckin’ the sales tax bronco!