…beware the Polar Vortex [part 3]

Canadians are conditioned to look south. We must look north! Sea ice in the Arctic is heating up, and Alberta is a northern gateway. The clear & present danger of climate change is how Canadian sovereignty will survive in the new North. … More …beware the Polar Vortex [part 3]

A logic bomb… [part 2]

It doesn’t make sense, they reason, to ship oil by rail when pipelines are safer. It also isn’t smart to give up market share to American competitors who frack as they damn well please. And the engineers are correct —  it doesn’t make much sense — logically. 


Logic isn’t going to solve the present challenges facing western Canada. … More A logic bomb… [part 2]

Clearing the Plains 2.0

Canada is a work in progress. And it’s the very idea of progress (as we shall discuss in this series of posts) which has put the country in the crosshairs of activists, advocacy groups, and especially our current prime minister. We believe that if unchecked, ill-defined ambitions for the prairie and the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains will echo a history (and a dreadful one at that) in the name of progress.  … More Clearing the Plains 2.0