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donnaAbout Donna Kennedy-Glans

Over a 34-year career, I’ve worked as a politician, a writer, an energy expert, a lawyer and founded a non-profit.

My home is Calgary, Alberta. Born into a farming family in south-western Ontario. Crossing boundaries is my ‘thing’. Not just geographic boundaries either (though I have worked on projects in over 35 countries).

What did I do as a politician?

A passionate fiscal conservative & social progressive who gets formidable when polarized politics tries to shoe-horn people into a box.

Served as the Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for Calgary-Varsity (2012-2015). Roles included: Associate Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy; Chair, Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship; Treasury Board; Chair, Results Based Budgeting review of economic diversification programs; Government founder of First Nations and Métis Women’s Councils; Member, Ministerial Working Group on Natural Resources and Environment; and Member, Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future.

What did I do in the energy sector?

Worked 28 years as a lawyer and businesswoman, including as Nexen Inc.’s first female VP. Early in my career, I was a lawyer with TransCanada Pipelines. After a decade with Nexen, I advised global energy companies on how to manage non-technical risks. In 2005, I published a book on this work, Corporate Integrity: A Toolkit for Managing beyond Compliance (Wiley). More recently, I mentor energy leaders within Energy Futures Network and Sponsor Energy. Understanding how electricity fits within the energy world has been fascinating.

What did I do in the non-profit sector?

Invited by community leaders in the country of Yemen to bring Canadian experts there to train youth and professional leaders, including females. In 2002, I founded an NGO (canadabridges.com). Bridges had to leave Yemen in 2009, and was then invited to work with First Nations communities in Alberta. I served as Bridges’ volunteer executive director for a decade. In 2009, I published a book, Unveiling the Breath: One woman’s journey into understanding Islam and gender equality (Pari).


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  1. “It was a CBC Eyeopener interview at 7:00 a.m. on Friday May 14, 2021, that triggered my demise. You may recall that was the month when the normally reserved MLA from the Peace Country Todd Loewen had…”

    Might I make a suggestion? Another interview with the Eyeopener. I did email the Eyeopener to make this suggestion without receiving a reply. If they inadvertently caused your demise, they owe you a follow-up interview.

    I am interested to see if Adam might respond to an interview request.

    Keith Webb, Banff AB

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