Peter’s Principles: RULE OF LAW

Charlie Fischer, an energy executive in Alberta, talks about how business people and foreign investors look at Alberta, something Peter Lougheed always considered. Making Alberta an attractive place for investment, it was one of PETER’S PRINCIPLES. … More Peter’s Principles: RULE OF LAW

A strongman or Tom Hanks?

THE LEAD ACTORS on Alberta’s political stage have been typecast. It’s kind of like watching the summer movie trailers for coming attractions. Two different film franchises. Two different actors in a starring role. … More A strongman or Tom Hanks?

Peter’s Principles: LOYALTY

What are the leadership qualities that made Premier Peter Lougheed such a recognized leader in Alberta? One quality – his approach to loyalty. Listen up to our short podcast to learn more! … More Peter’s Principles: LOYALTY

Ontario Election: PCs in service or in power?

What can you say about the Ontario provincial election?

Speaking with people in Peter Lougheed’s circle of political colleagues, friends, admirers, and even critics (albeit it’s been friendly fire), the thing that keeps coming up is how Peter Lougheed never spoke about being in power, but rather ‘in service’ to Albertans.

So what’s it going to be in Ontario? … More Ontario Election: PCs in service or in power?

Build From-Don’t Attack

What’s the secret sauce that launched a political dynasty in Alberta? Listen in to our latest podcast on Peter’s Principles. … More Build From-Don’t Attack