Ontario Election: PCs in service or in power?

What can you say about the Ontario provincial election?

We — Donna Kennedy-Glans & Don Hill — have been speaking with people in Peter Lougheed’s circle of political colleagues, friends, admirers, and even critics (albeit it’s been friendly fire). And the thing that keeps coming up is how Peter Lougheed never spoke about being in power, but rather ‘in service’ to Albertans.

Is this a reminder and message Millennials need to hear?  And what’s it going to be in Ontario — a provincial government in service or in power?

PLEASE LISTEN to D2 (Donna & Don talking) about the election in Ontario, and what the result might foreshadow for upcoming provincial elections in Quebec, this fall, and next spring in Alberta (not to forget the federal election in 2019).

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One thought on “Ontario Election: PCs in service or in power?

  1. I love the idea of exercising leadership through service. The word service seems to have been lost in the fight to gain “power”.

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