Peter’s Principles: NEW SERIES

peter lougheed_profileA GENERATION AGO, Peter Lougheed was the leader of Alberta. Our oil & gas wealth was the envy of the nation. So much so, Pierre Trudeau, the Prime Minister at the time, along with his minister of Energy, Mines and Resources, Marc Lalonde, created the National Energy Program.  In response, Premier Lougheed and his cabinet thought long and hard about what to do in response to this heavy-handed federal incursion.

Turn down the taps – sound familiar? That’s one of PETER’S PRINCIPLES – be formidable, and lead smart.

LISTEN TO AN EXCERPT from a conversation my colleague Don Hill had with Peter Lougheed in 2011.

Over the summer, I’ll tell you more about how you can participate and support a series of new podcasts & broadcasts about this extraordinary leader, his principles of leadership, and how we can put PETER’S PRINCIPLES into practice today.

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4 thoughts on “Peter’s Principles: NEW SERIES

  1. Where is our country? We use to work together for what was best for all Canadians. Today Canada won. Alberta won! Lets celebrate and enjoy the small successes that are working together. Show our support. Decisions should be made to support what Albertans really want and what Canadians really want and not the illogical nonsense of the extreme right wing in Alberta now infesting B.C. We are sick of the polarizing of the UCP’s SGER that never worked; 10% tax that will never trickle down to real jobs (Kansas experiment) and lack of respect for what Albertans really want. Notley is an Albertan first and has the spirit of Peter Lougheed as she lived it with her father in the Peace Country of Alberta. This brave lady pushed as hard as she could to save land locked oil and gas resources in our province and she WON. As an Albertan I am very very proud of her actions and her success today.

  2. I am having trouble understanding how this is a win. This certainly wasn’t a result of a unified BC and Alberta but more a show of force that has yet to prove it will work. It does however keep the project alive for the time being so maybe that can be regarded as a win. Having been around for the last federal government foray into the oil and gas business I am skeptical. See it won’t do anything to stop the protest and will only polarize the sides further if it gets rammed through it fails. If the big issue is the tanker traffic inland then maybe there are alternatives. Run the pipe across the straits and clear to the other side of the island. Build the terminal on the west side of the island and keep the tankers out side with all the rest running out there. Find a different solution outside of force. Maybe it’s time for the pipelines to spend a little more up front and build better tech into the pipe to make it safer. There are some pipelines with horrible track records when it comes to integrity.

    1. Thanks for the comments. From your comments, I get the sense you don’t believe in the economic, environment and tech reviews done by the NEB.

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