Quiet strength & manifest destiny…

My mother is 81-years-old. Graceful to a fault. And very ill with cancer.
At her most vulnerable, the conversations with Mom are not just poignant—can I say this?—they’re instructive. … More Quiet strength & manifest destiny…

Trudeau, rail cars, winter…

WINTER in Alberta.

Right now, the NDP government—with the blessing of the official opposition in Alberta— is considering a rollback, hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil per day from the province’s production. UCP leader Jason Kenney said as much, in an extraordinary press conference… … More Trudeau, rail cars, winter…

No more glassholes…

We need to up our game.
Once again, Alberta needs to create the conditions to attract new talent and retain the very best & brightest to rebuild the (former) Petroleum Paradise. … More No more glassholes…

Out of left field comes…

YOU MIGHT HATE THIS, but spectator sports — hockey, football, the olympics — are a diminishing crowd… … More Out of left field comes…

The Great Global Game

It’s known as the ‘great global game’. A daily contest that’s played with boats and shipping lanes.  A vast majority of world’s goods–including energy–are delivered via the world’s sea lanes. If you don’t have a boat that can float your stuff to markets abroad, you can’t even play to lose… … More The Great Global Game

oh-oh… Dear Robyn Luff

Dear Robyn, You don’t know me, but you might know of me.  I’m the woman saddled with a political stain and chatter behind my back. I’m the gal who did what you just did… And if Premier Rachel Notley loses in 2019, you will be blamed for that (as much as I have been fingered … More oh-oh… Dear Robyn Luff

An olympic fail (or the end of an error)?

If we had a story of our province—a pragmatic dream of what we believed we could look like a decade from now here on the prairies, a story every Albertan could see themselves in–would we be having polarized debates about the 2026 Winter Olympics bid?
More An olympic fail (or the end of an error)?

Saudi Arabia: What’s Canada to do?

Considering the Saudi regime’s unbelievable cover story and persistent lies to account for a vicious murder of a prominent Saudi journalist, what’s Canada to do? … More Saudi Arabia: What’s Canada to do?

India: What’s the big attraction?

I’m no longer a politician. And I find myself travelling in India (a longer story), in the wake of our prime minister’s costume ball, and lately Jason Kenney’s hi-how-are-you tour. This week, it’s the honourable Andrew Scheer’s turn to enjoy sit down conversations with leadership and business in the world’s largest democracy; they got their photo-ops, for sure. Handshakes.

But that’s not what I saw. … More India: What’s the big attraction?

PETER’S PRINCIPLES: A 12-step recovery guide for the politically perplexed…

YOU JUST LIVED through one of the craziest summers in political memory. There’s an antidote to the current chaos & confusion…

More PETER’S PRINCIPLES: A 12-step recovery guide for the politically perplexed…

“What the hell is a not-withstanding clause?” a premier said, decades ago.

DOUG FORD has the left up in arms. The freshly-elected Ontario premier is deploying the ‘notwithstanding clause’ to disrupt a judge’s decision he doesn’t like. What’s that got to do with Alberta? The very idea of a ‘notwithstanding clause’ was invented in our Legislature. And it was Peter Lougheed, Alberta’s premier during the tense constitutional talks … More “What the hell is a not-withstanding clause?” a premier said, decades ago.

Peter’s Principles: RULE OF LAW

Charlie Fischer, an energy executive in Alberta, talks about how business people and foreign investors look at Alberta, something Peter Lougheed always considered. Making Alberta an attractive place for investment, it was one of PETER’S PRINCIPLES. … More Peter’s Principles: RULE OF LAW

There’s no business like no business…

Turbulence ahead! What’s Alberta’s Plan B, Plan C, Plan D? I’m deeply concerned that Alberta is up in the air. And we have no idea how all this crazy business is going to land. … More There’s no business like no business…

Free Trade at the periphery.

FREE TRADE IS A BIG DEAL in southwestern Ontario. I’m visiting relatives here. Donald Trump just declared NAFTA as good as dead. Pointing to a new deal with Mexico, the American president set a deadline for Canada to come to terms. Friday. The end of the month.
More Free Trade at the periphery.

Details, details, details…

It’s smart to pay attention to what’s in front of you, but have you noticed what’s happening along the periphery of your vision?
Come, join me in this learning journey in southern Alberta! … More Details, details, details…

Peter’s Principles: PRAGMATIC DREAMS

Peter’s Principles. What guided the leadership of Premier Peter Lougheed? We’re talking to people who worked alongside Lougheed to find out. Here’s an excerpt from a conversation with Brent Harding, a civil servant in Lougheed’s 1st government in 1971. … More Peter’s Principles: PRAGMATIC DREAMS

A strongman or Tom Hanks?

THE LEAD ACTORS on Alberta’s political stage have been typecast. It’s kind of like watching the summer movie trailers for coming attractions. Two different film franchises. Two different actors in a starring role. … More A strongman or Tom Hanks?

Too much democracy?

In a global environment where democracy seems to be withering, and information constrained by either/or narratives, how can Albertans make an informed decision about who or what to vote for? … More Too much democracy?

The business of anti-racism…

Alberta’s NDP government has launched an anti-racism campaign. Did they miss an extraordinary opportunity to take a negative and turn it into a positive? … More The business of anti-racism…

Peter’s Principles: LOYALTY

What are the leadership qualities that made Premier Peter Lougheed such a recognized leader in Alberta? One quality – his approach to loyalty. Listen up to our short podcast to learn more! … More Peter’s Principles: LOYALTY

Circle the Wagons

She lives in Calgary and he lives in a bubble.
I’m ticked that national media still hasn’t listened to what Rose Knight is drawing our attention to about our prime minister.
More Circle the Wagons

Buckin’ the sales tax bronco!

A Calgary Stampede dare for all you partisan politicians in Alberta! How bout you rustle up a sales tax for this province? Pronto! … More Buckin’ the sales tax bronco!

Education! (part 2)

A sequel, as promised. We’re posing 2 tough questions:
What should we do with cellphones in the classroom? What should we do with religion in the classroom?   … More Education! (part 2)

Manipulating the Odds on the Baby Lottery

The Trump administration is slapping down hard on immigration. Zero tolerance. Even separating children from their parents. Meanwhile, in Canada, we’re turning a blind eye to ‘birth houses’ in British Columbia. Pregnant women coming to Canada to deliver their Maple-Leaf branded babies, then heading back home, most to China. This isn’t a partisan political issue. All we need is a simple modernization. … More Manipulating the Odds on the Baby Lottery

Capital D: Dad, Duty, Dignity

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow. My father passed away on February 4th. I posted this blog 5 months ago, but it feels like yesterday. It feels like a right time to share again. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, and all the cherished memories of fathers. Could God have created a better way of living than as families?
More Capital D: Dad, Duty, Dignity

Family feuds & tidewater–a cautionary tale.

What does a shooting war in Yemen have to do with inter-provincial sniping between Alberta & British Columbia? With Canada’s response to American protectionism? … More Family feuds & tidewater–a cautionary tale.

Ontario Election: PCs in service or in power?

What can you say about the Ontario provincial election?

Speaking with people in Peter Lougheed’s circle of political colleagues, friends, admirers, and even critics (albeit it’s been friendly fire), the thing that keeps coming up is how Peter Lougheed never spoke about being in power, but rather ‘in service’ to Albertans.

So what’s it going to be in Ontario? … More Ontario Election: PCs in service or in power?

Build From-Don’t Attack

What’s the secret sauce that launched a political dynasty in Alberta? Listen in to our latest podcast on Peter’s Principles. … More Build From-Don’t Attack