gone fishin’

We’re on vacation.

“Only a winter vacation,” says Don, continuing “unless, of course, some ‘thing’ happens.”

That said…

The latest ‘thing’ is Donna accepted Premier Kenney’s invitation to be on a select panel. And as a Fair Deal panelist, she’s going to be out-and-about listening to you — yes, you please — what you think about a whole lot of things: Alberta’s story today, and where you see yourself in it; the future you imagine here for yourself, your family, and your grandchildren; and what it means these daze to be a Canadian.

Donna must be open-minded in the weeks and months to come until the panel has concluded its assigned task.

We believe the Fair Deal panel is the most important dialogue with Albertans, in more than a generation. And the last thing Donna should be: is perceived as partisan on the panel (say that fast three times…just for fun).

Nor should you think of her as a separatist. And neither you should of Don.

And if you’re here for the first time, and maybe you’ve landed with a preconceived idea what BEYOND POLARITY must be — its intent as a blog — op-ed-style pieces in our archive (some of which have been syndicated nationally) will tell you who we are, what we’ve thought about, and what we believe is important to the future of Canada.

We’re not on vacation.

Donna’s gone fishin’ for your ideas, your dreams, what matters most to you — as an Albertan. Follow the work of the panel on their website & on social media (#FairDealAlberta & Fair Deal Facebook page).

This column is the consensus opinion of the writers Donna Kennedy-Glans & Don Hill

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