Danielle, we need to talk.


I was on the Fair Deal Panel. I was at every session (Preston ducked out now and again). We lost a member (may he rest in peace). I co-wrote and summarized what Albertans told the panel the winter of 2019. That report was released the summer of 2020. That’s a long time ago considering the world we’re living with now is a very, very different place.

Danielle, you’re doing a Liz Truss. You’re out of touch. Talking delusional shite from what I hear.

Albertans are no longer interested in much of what the Fair Deal Panel concluded for a ‘to do list’ and provincial government action. Stuff like a provincial police force, for instance. You need to listen to the Rural Municipalities of Alberta, the small town mayors and reeves who recently met. Their spokesman Paul McLauchlin told CTV News, “The folks I represent say this isn’t a great idea. I honestly don’t understand who wants this.” [full disclosure: Don Hill and Donna are regulars on CTV2’s Alberta Primetime]

Danielle, pick up the phone.

Call Donna (says Don).

And if you’ve got Preston on speed-dial (which might explain your mandate letters), there’s a delete button. Use it. He’s old school Alberta politics and any pre-plague policy rolling out of the Manning Centre is to be set aside. Unless, of course, you’re merely a placeholder premier and need to get stuff done for your base before all-fall-down-go-boom.

If you want to avoid a Liz Truss-moment, call Donna. Now.

If you’re intentionally helping to elect the NDP, carry on!  You’re everything Rachel could hope for in the six months leading to the mandated election.


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8 thoughts on “Danielle, we need to talk.

  1. Donna,
    Wow! Go on more trips! Congrats to you and Don! Fantastic letter to Danielle! Really well done!
    Love the delete Preston!!!!
    Best regards,

  2. There’s a certain amount of irony in a former leader of the federal opposition, who never won a general election, advising a Premier who has also never won a general election. Talk about the blind leading the blind… In any case, I don’t think it’s a case of Premier Smith not listening to advice. I think it’s more a case that she lacks a political filter (or common sense) that should help her distinguish the good ideas from the mediocre ones, let alone distinguish them from the bat***t crazy ideas that have always been on the fringe of Alberta politics. In other words, I don’t think much good will come even if the Premier were to call Donna as long as she’s also listening to, and taking advice from, the ‘kudatah’ crowd…

  3. “If you’re intentionally helping to elect the NDP, carry on! You’re everything Rachel could hope for in the six months leading to the mandated election.”

    I agree. I am a progressive voter, but if I lived in Brooks-Medicine Hat I would have seriously considered voting for Danielle Smith in the recent byelection, simply because I think she gives the NDP their best chance. Sadly, as we have seen in this past week, we could be in for some very damaging legislation before next May.

    That said, I do wonder how many of the votes that Gwendoline Dirk, the NDP candidate in the byelection, received were from true conservative voters, hoping to get rid of their Smith albatross.

  4. Looks like Danielle could also benefit from a chat on claiming Indegenous ancestry! Or re falsehoods on ancestors fleeing socialism!

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