Teaching the Dinosaur to Dance


Of course, this new book looks at the challenge of moving beyond polarity, and a whole lot more.

Written over the course of the pandemic, the book has been informed and inspired by Donna’s nearly 40-year career in leadership roles in the private, nonprofit and public sectors, and is supported by contributions from Andre Mamprin, a strategist and leadership consultant whose Essential Elements of Leadership is the product of 15+ years of applied research, observation and documented evidence from more than 4,800 leaders.

“I firmly believe that it’s futile to keep running headlong at impenetrable power structures; to engage in polarized battles that have no genuine hope of dialogue; to keep pretending that marketing slogans reflect an organization’s values,” says Donna. 

More than anything, Donna wrote this book, Teaching the Dinosaur to Dance: Moving Beyond Business as Usual, to support people like you who are asking questions about how to move your enterprise forward if the status quo isn’t working.

In such a volatile world, willpower and good intentions alone are not enough. Teaching the Dinosaur to Dance was written for anyone open to fresh ideas and willing to do the work needed to move their organization to a preferred future.

To provide readers of this book support on an ongoing basis, you will find tools and insights shared at TeachingTheDinosaur.com. But to really dig into the big challenges facing enterprise, we hope you will read the book and encourage others to do the same.

If you have already ordered the book, thank you! If not, you can order online from Amazon.ca or Amazon.com  or contact your favourite local bookstore for a copy of Teaching the Dinosaur to Dance (this will encourage them to bring stock into their store). 

And ONE BIG THING, could you take a few moments to  leave a customer review online with Amazon? That would be help Amazon’s all-powerful and mysterious algorithms to start recommending the book to would-be new readers. 

We are delighted that people—from the corporate, public and nonprofit sectors and media—are already inviting Donna into conversations with their colleagues, coworkers, partners and audiences. And here are links to recent articles Donna has written that have been published in these various sectors: 

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Financial PostWill Albertans End up Paying for Foreign Carbon Preening? 

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If you want to help to get the dinosaurs dancing, you can:

  • Introduce us to any contacts in your network whose organizations might benefit from a Lunch & Learn about Moving Beyond Business as Usual
  • Host, sponsor or help organize a virtual or in-person launch event with Donna
  • Attend one of Donna’s upcoming events in:
    • Canmore (March 19 @ Cafe Books)  
    • Calgary (April 6 @ Owl’s Nest Books) 
    • Edmonton (April 20 @ Audreys Books)
  • Share any podcasts, websites, blogs, influencers or media outlets you think would love to know about Teaching the Dinosaur to Dance
  • Spread the word by posting a selfie of you with the book and your favourite dinosaur, on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or whatever social media platform you prefer with #teachingthedinosaurtodance

We are open to other ideas, too – the bolder the better – so if there’s something you’d like to do that isn’t listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let’s have a chat!

As a small thank you for your ongoing support, here is first access to the three toolkits included in the book—just hit the links and you will be able to download the tools and toolkits: 




Thank you for joining us in teaching the dinosaur to dance.


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