oh-oh… Dear Robyn Luff

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Dear Robyn,

You don’t know me, but you might know of me.  I’m the woman saddled with a political stain and chatter behind my back. I’m the gal who did what you just did

And if Premier Rachel Notley loses in 2019, you will be blamed for that (as much as I have been fingered as the devil woman who pushed the PC party over a cliff). People will say the NDP campaign started to unravel when you drew attention to the personality cult of the leader. You pulled the scarlet thread.

Lots of people–especially the politicos–will tell you to bite your tongue.  You had a seat on the damn bus, didn’t you? Did it matter if it was at the back? And so what if you were told to behave and float vacuous puff-ball queries in Question Period? It’s about power, plain and simple. Why on earth did you expect anything different?

Others will say it depends on who is driving the bus. The leader. Whether it’s a political caucus or a large for-profit company, decisions have to get made.  There’s only so much time for dithering, eh.

And some of your constituents will applaud you for speaking truth to power; they will cheer as you step out in front of that partisan bus (don’t let it run you over!).

Every set of facts are different: I was in Cabinet and the leader of the day had asked me to do something I couldn’t ethically do. I had lost confidence in leadership (not the party) and sitting as an independent was my choice.  It was a very lonely place. No one asks much about that time or that experience. 

Robyn, my heart is heavy knowing how you feel right now. But I want to assure you, I’m proof there is life after politics.

Call me. I’d love to have a coffee with you.


Donna Kennedy-Glans

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2 thoughts on “oh-oh… Dear Robyn Luff

  1. Watched you last night on Alberta Primetime. Really enjoyed hearing your perspective. You certainly are a class act Ms. Kennedy-Glans!

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