NEW PODCAST > IDEA #1: Step up, shoulders squared

Promised you 7 Ideas for Life: An Antidote to Polarity
Well, here is Idea # 1: Step up, shoulders squared.

 To step up, with your shoulders squared, is to accept that there are people in the world who want you on their side of a polarized issue.

It’s a reminder to yourself that there is a personal responsibility here, to see those dichotomies.

And, it means you are prepared to at least consider when you want to take on the burden of wading into the debate.  … More NEW PODCAST > IDEA #1: Step up, shoulders squared


Angry White Men as the Victims

Remember Archie Bunker? The lovable bigot in All in the Family TV series who was suspicious of blacks, Hispanics, “commies”, gays, hippies, Jews, Catholics, “women’s libbers” and Polish-Americans? Imagine his response if someone told Bunker to “check his privilege”. Even more amusing, imagine if someone tried to cast Bunker as a victim!

Trump promised the forgotten he would restore lost honour. Turning angry white men into victims isn’t restoring their honour or their dignity. Trump has replaced pride with self-pity. He’s turning these Americans upside-down!

Compassion unfolds when your resonance with someone’s distress leads you to actually do something to help. Right now, our capacity for compassion seems blunted by the shrill cries of “victimhood”.  … More Angry White Men as the Victims