Steeling Up for Slippery Slopes

If you are a Canadian right now (and maybe an American too), you may want to gag. 25% tariffs on steel unless you renegotiate NAFTA the way I want, says Trump.
What can we do? Well, I’m going to suggest something a little old-fashioned. Let’s be prudent. That doesn’t mean we’re uncertain about what’s right. It means being scrupulous about finding the best means to get where we want to go. … More Steeling Up for Slippery Slopes

Un-Canadian #Un🍁

Canada celebrated its 150th birthday last year. Compare what we have to other places, and you’d be hard-pressed not to be grateful. Yet there is a risk that our country will become un-Canadian. Maybe not intentionally. But out of neglect. Out of indifference.  Or our habit of identifying ourselves in contrast to the Americans. 

Lately, I’ve found myself frustrated by happenings in Canada, to Canada, and by Canadians. I’m seeing self-inflicted wounds. Increasingly, I’ve been pointing it out, tagging acts as #Un-Canadian in my Twitter feed and Facebook posts. 

To illustrate, let me share some of what’s, in my humble opinion, un-Canadian. And, I’d like to hear from fellow-Canadians. What are you seeing? Heck, I’d like to hear from anyone with an opinion on what’s happening to Canada & Canadians.

Are we suffering some sort of identity-crisis? Is this something to worry about, or to embrace as growth? … More Un-Canadian #Un🍁

Fantasy League: Drafting the “Eh” Team

No slight intended to the REAL Canadian trade negotiators…but here’s a fantasy league that may be fun. If you were the general manager of Canada’s trade team, who would you draft? … More Fantasy League: Drafting the “Eh” Team