Manipulating the Odds on the Baby Lottery

The Trump administration is slapping down hard on immigration. Zero tolerance. Even separating children from their parents. Meanwhile, in Canada, we’re turning a blind eye to ‘birth houses’ in British Columbia. Pregnant women coming to Canada to deliver their Maple-Leaf branded babies, then heading back home, most to China. This isn’t a partisan political issue. All we need is a simple modernization. … More Manipulating the Odds on the Baby Lottery

Making home a much bigger place

Seemingly, we in the ‘land of opportunity’ have the benevolence to give ‘these people’ a home. The truth; and the dignified perspective, is that we are ALL ‘these people’.  People who share more similarities than differences in that home, security and relationship are key to our well-being and similar in that the threat of persecution, if allowed, will cause conflict.  Protectionist and isolationist philosophy is not only no longer feasible as a ‘fix’, it is not, in my opinion, advantageous to the collective.  On the other end of the continuum, it’s also not effective to turn all migrants into powerless victims. … More Making home a much bigger place