Peter’s Principles: RULE OF LAW

Charlie Fischer, an energy executive in Alberta, talks about how business people and foreign investors look at Alberta, something Peter Lougheed always considered. Making Alberta an attractive place for investment, it was one of PETER’S PRINCIPLES. … More Peter’s Principles: RULE OF LAW

Play Ping-Pong & Build Legacy

Nobody thinks ‘medium-term’.
Generally, we think short-term. Occasionally, long-term.
When you have short term in one hand, and long term in the other, there are trade-offs. But it’s not like you think ‘short-term’ Monday to Friday, and longer-term on the weekend.

So, how do people do this? How do you hold short-term & long-term in both hands, at the same time?

More Play Ping-Pong & Build Legacy

Skin in the game

I admire people who put their necks on the line, and share risks. I don’t admire people who try to push off risks, unfairly, to other people. Or people who fake having real skin in the game. And, I get downright formidable when someone with legitimate skin in the game is exploited by someone with no skin in the game, at all.
What skin do you have in the game? Who else has genuine skin in the game, and who doesn’t? And, if someone with no skin in the game is trying to exploit you, here are some ideas! … More Skin in the game

Fantasy League: Drafting the “Eh” Team

No slight intended to the REAL Canadian trade negotiators…but here’s a fantasy league that may be fun. If you were the general manager of Canada’s trade team, who would you draft? … More Fantasy League: Drafting the “Eh” Team