Capital D: Dad, Duty, Dignity

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow. My father passed away on February 4th. I posted this blog 5 months ago, but it feels like yesterday. It feels like a right time to share again. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, and all the cherished memories of fathers. Could God have created a better way of living than as families?
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Cradling Joy & Sadness in both hands

My 30-year-old son is to be married on New Year’s Eve, to a woman we all adore.

And my 82-year-old father has just been told there’s a 99% likelihood he has lung cancer. The growth in his left lung so vast, the upper part of his lung has collapsed.
How do I hold such intense joy and such intense sadness? Together. In both hands. At the same time. … More Cradling Joy & Sadness in both hands

Brain Health: Of course we can do better

My great-grandfather Maurice Elliott died in 1944 after the uninsured barn on their farm burned to the ground. He left behind his widow and nine children.  

Only as an adult did I come to know his death was a suicide. It wasn’t my grandmother or father who told me. For them, it was a deeply buried secret. 

We now have the science available to look at someone’s brain in an MRI and diagnose whether or not that person is depressed.  

With other health challenges—cancer, heart disease, kidney stones–we rely on diagnostic tools and trust the science.

How do we get to that same level of certainty and acceptance with brain health? … More Brain Health: Of course we can do better