About Donna Kennedy-Glans

Over a 37-year career, I’ve worked as a politician; published author; energy expert &  lawyer in the private sector; and founder & executive director of a non-profit.  In March 2022, I’m releasing a new book on how to rebuild enterprise in the public, private & non-profit sectors, titled Teaching the Dinosaur to Dance: Moving Beyond Business as Usual. 

My home is Calgary, Alberta. I was born into a farming family in south-western Ontario. Crossing sectoral boundaries is my ‘thing’, geographic boundaries too. I’ve worked on projects in over 35 countries. 

What do I do as a politician?

A passionate fiscal conservative & social progressive, I mentor young people interested in politics. And, to be clear on my motives, my name isn’t going to be on any ballot soon! 

Political service as the Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for Calgary-Varsity (2012-2015) included the following roles: Associate Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy; Chair, Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship; Treasury Board; Chair, Results Based Budgeting review of economic diversification programs; Government founder of First Nations and Métis Women’s Councils; Member, Ministerial Working Group on Natural Resources and Environment; and Member, Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future.

What do I do in the energy sector?

For nearly three decades, I worked as a lawyer and businesswoman in the private sector, including as Nexen Inc.’s first female VP. Early in my career, I was a lawyer with TransCanada Pipelines. After a decade with Nexen, I advised global energy companies on how to manage non-technical risks. In 2005, I published a book on this work, Corporate Integrity: A Toolkit for Managing beyond Compliance (Wiley). Presently I mentor young leaders in energy & electricity; and engage Albertans on energy policy.   

What do I do in the non-profit sector?

In 2002, I founded an NGO, Canada Bridges,  in response to an invitation by community leaders in the country of Yemen. Bridges’ Canadian experts trained youth and professional leaders, including females. Bridges had to leave Yemen in 2009, and was then invited to work with First Nations communities in Alberta. I served as Bridges’ volunteer executive director for a decade. In 2009, I published a book, Unveiling the Breath: One woman’s journey into understanding Islam and gender equality (Pari) to share Bridges’ stories.